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Thank You Quality Control Committee!

Submitted by Alexandra on June 23, 2015

Over the last several months the members of the Quality Control committee at Fenway Libraries Online have worked closely with Systems Librarian, Paul Hoffman, to assign RDA content, media, and carrier fields to records in order to enable better search limits and filtering in the catalog.  The presence of these fields in bibliographic records should prove extremely helpful in separating ebook from print books, as well as giving depth to the variety of media types in the collection.  

Early on in the project, only 23% of the system’s records had entries in these fields.  Hoffman did extensive analysis of the remaining records, using clues such as the items’ shelving locations, to determine which combination of fields would be appropriately assigned.  The committee pored over tens of thousands of records, checking to ensure Hoffman’s analysis was accurate.  In many cases, Quality Control members took it upon themselves to manually fix records that needed adjustments.  Now, many meetings and record loads later, 97% of the catalog-- over 1.2 million records!-- have RDA content, media, and carrier fields.  Adding these fields was a crucial step to improving the quality of the system’s records, as well as preparing the records for future upgrades to the OPAC and Integrated Library System.  

Thank you, Quality Control Committee for your dedicated work “in the trenches” of this detailed project.  Our records are better for your efforts!