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Staff Profile: Robyn Ferrero

Submitted by Alexandra on September 14, 2015

This is the first of an ongoing series which will feature short interviews with long-time staff members in the consortium.  Look forward to these postings among our other updates and news stories.  


Robyn Ferrero has worked at the Lesley Sherrill Library for 31 years, most recently serving as the Head of Access Services.   

Long before her work in libraries, Robyn started her career across the globe-- at Kedron Park Teachers’ Colleges in Brisbane, Australia to be exact!  She entered college with an interest in human behavior and sociology, and went on to teach elementary school for several years.  When a state-wide training program was created to enable teachers to move into Teaching Librarianship positions, she took the opportunity and made the transition from teaching to librarianship.  

At Sherrill Library, Robyn began at the circulation desk of the Kresge Center for Teaching Resources, managing the use of AV equipment, videos, and other teaching tools.  This process changed completely when Lesley joined the FLO consortium and updated and automated circulation procedures.  Eventually, the library as a whole moved to its Brattle Campus location and the Kresge Center evolved into the Media Center.  As departments and locations continued to shift, merge, and expand, Robyn’s role evolved as well, until she ultimately found her current position as of Head of Access Services.

Robyn thoroughly enjoys her work saying “Access Services is the place to be.”  As for up-and-coming library and information professionals, Robyn recommends “exploring the profession” and avoid having too narrow of a perspective early on.  Robyn says she I has “often joked that my Grandmother’s generation only had to upgrade from black and white TV to colour,” while technology in the library world updates much faster.  This rapid pace ensures “you will never be bored in this profession” and you never know what options and avenues may open up along the way.