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Evergreen Conference Recap

Submitted by formerly adam on April 4, 2014

Two weeks ago we were in the middle of the Evergreen conference. Eyebrows were raised, lightbulbs went on, brows were furrowed, lifelong friends were made. With our team members not all attending the same sessions or talking to the same people in the hallways we scheduled a debriefing for the week after to try to share what we learned.  It was an interesting discussion because it demonstrated how different our member libraries are. When discussing a particular feature a team member from one library said, "looks good to me" and a team member from another library, who attended the same session on that feature said, "it stinks".  

So where do we go from here? Back to our subgroups and to the lists of key requirements we created earlier. We'll work on completing these as best we can based on what we learned at the conference, what we can see in existing systems, and what we can test in our local test system. We'll undoubtedly have some lingering questions we can't answer on our own. We'll try to resolve these by talking to other Evergreen users and developers in the next few weeks. Each subgroup will make a recommendation based on its findings.