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Which systems settings are libraries allowed to change?

Submitted by kelly on January 29, 2014

EBL settings should be the same across all FLO instances except where indicated below. 

Updated 10/16/2014

System Settings


  • Authentication type:  EZproxy (Shared Secret)
  • Authentication point: EBL Platform
  • Encode URLs: No
  • Shared Secret Key:
  • Authentication URL:  (your ezproxy prefix, e.g.

IP Restrictions: N/A


  • Prompt for Loan: Yes
  • Logout URL: Customizable By Library
  • User Guide URL:  Customizable By Library

Access Permissions

Use only the Default permission ID


  • Permission Name: Default User
  • Acronym: Default


  • Visibility: View Selected & Owned


Reader Loan Length:   

  • NL: Customizeable By Library (recommend 1)
  • UA: Customizeable By Library (recommend 1)

Download loan Length: 

  • NL: Customizeable By Library (recommend 7)
  • UA: Customizeable By Library (recommend 7)
  • 3U: Customizeable By Library (recommend 7)
    • Preserve 3U reader access for: Customizeable By Library (recommend 0)
  • NL Expired Ebooks: Customizeable By Library (recommend Mediated Loan)
  • 3U turnaway handling: Customizeable By Library (recommend Non-Mediated Loan)
    • Loan Price Limit: Customizeable By Library (recommend No)


  • Autopurchase: after 7 STLs
    • Loan Price Limit: no
    • Override: not set
    • Default Lending Model: Non-Linear
    • Default Access Type: Non-Mediated Loan
      • Loan Price Limit: Customizable By Library (recommend No)
      • Permit Mediated Purchase Requests: No
      • Reader Loan Length: 1 day
      • Download Loan Length: 7 Days
      • STL Price Threshold: Not set
      • STL Limit: Not set


  • Permit Downloads: Yes
  • Allow: All Patrons
  • Force Browse Before Download?: Yes


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Fund Code Controls

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Custom Options

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