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What is the MLS EBL collection?

Submitted by formerly adam on September 25, 2014

Updated 10/17/2014

FLO participates in the Commonwealth eBook Collections program. The program includes eBooks from EBL. 

  • The MLS EBL program is only Short Term Loans. Titles are never auto-purchased.
  • FLO is charged a flat fee to participate in the program, we don't pay per STL.
  • The criteria for selecting titles to include on the MLS EBL platform are:
    • Price cap of $200
    • Publication date of 2011 or more recent
  • We included records for MLS EBL titles in Voyager in cases where a title is available on both the FLO and MLS EBL platforms. In these cases, we suppress the FLO EBL holdings widget and only display an MLS holding widget. 
    • One exception is that in cases where a library purchases an EBL title, we suppress the FLO-MLSEBL record (if one exists) and unsuppress the FLO-EBL record. This way users are directed to the purchased copy, rather than the MLS copy.


  • September 2014 - FLO loads MLS EBL holdings into Voyager.
  • August 2014 - FLO joins the Commonwealth eBook Collections program.