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What is the Evergreen Review?

Submitted by kelly on February 5, 2014


The goal of the Evergreen review is to determine if FLO should migrate to an open-source system in the next few years. The review should last 6-9 months, though it can last longer if necessary. During this time, we will study all aspects of Evergreen, both back-end and front-end. Although our focus will be on Evergreen, we are not limited to Evergreen for all aspects of a new system. For instance, we may opt to use a different OPAC or discovery front-end along with the Evergreen back-end. And with an open-source system, we are likely to participate in developing new features or improving existing features. Determining what is already available in Evergreen and what we require to be developed will be a critical aspect of our decision-making process.

A project of this magnitude will involve many members of the FLO community. To that end we have set up an Evergreen Team to guide the review. Members of this team will focus on specific areas of key functionality, such as cataloging, circulation, authority control, reserves, OPAC/front-end, etc. As the evaluation moves forward, these individuals will bring their findings and concerns to FLO committees and other library meetings, such as QC, Circ-Doc, ERM, etc. The Team will be encouraged to attend the Evergreen International Conference, which will be held in Cambridge, MA, in March 2014 – FLO can subsidize attendance at this conference. In June, the Team will present a report and recommendation at the FLO Strategic Planning Conference.