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What are the criteria for the FLO EBL Profile?

Submitted by formerly adam on February 21, 2014

Updated 10/17/2014

The FLO EBL profile is based on:

  • An approved list of publishers agreed upon by FLO member libraries 
  • A publication date of 2011 or more recent
  • Price caps at either $250 or $400 depending on subject area
  • Language is English or Spanish

All EBL subject areas are included 

Titles in Ebrary Academic Complete are manually removed from our FLO EBL DDA program every other month.  

NOTE: On August, 29, 2014 We suppressed all FLO EBL holdings in Voyager with publication dates prior to July 1, 2012 – there were 36,030 in all. Of these titles, 5,544 had other MFHDs (such as WIT-EBOOKS, or LES-EBOOKS). These records are still displaying, but we suppressed all the others (30,486) from display.