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Submitted by formerly adam on October 24, 2014


Hello Mass. Library System eBook Program Participants!

There have been some changes to how the BilbioBoard interface works.  BiblioBoard is now using geolocation to access most areas of their content.  This means that your library users do not need to login to search for or read any item they find in BiblioBoard's collections.

However, if a user wants to download the content that they wish to read onto their tablet, phone or computer, they will need to login.  Right now that login process is a little challenging.  Users need to click on the link that reads "Click here is you previously logged in with a library card," even if they have never logged in with a library card before!

Users then need to choose their library from the list and enter their card number and pin.  Users are then taken to an account creation screen where they need to re-enter their credentials.

We realize that this is not a clean way to access material for download from BiblioBoard and we are working with them to simplify and clarify the login process for downloading material.

We will let you know when the process has been made simpler.

Thank you,


Nora Blake
MassCat Manager
Massachusetts Library System
P.O. Box 609
South Deerfield, MA 01373-0241
508-357-2121 x123
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