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Islandora and Hydra (et al.) in the wild

Submitted by paul on September 30, 2015

Here are some examples of Islandora and Hydra repositories, with a few suggested searches.

Please feel free to add more examples and comments!


McMaster University Library Digital Archive (search for Bertrand Russell)

Tulane University Digital Library

Davidson College Archives and Special Collections (search for snakes)

See the list of Islandora installations for more.


London School of Economics Digital Library (see Public Lecture Series for streaming audio).

Oregon Digital (search for daily emerald spring break)

University of Virginia:

  • Libra (search for violence and peace)
  • Virgo (same search, view catalog results, limit to source Libra Repository)

See the list of implementations for more. There is also a list of apps and demos.


Hydra is built on Blacklight. See for examples.