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How do I keep track of which EBL titles my library has purchased?

Submitted by kelly on January 24, 2014

Notification emails

EBL can be configured to send purchase notification emails to library staff members.

Contact FLO or the person at your library responsible for managing EBL to make sure you are receiving purchase notifications from EBL.

Adding MFHD records to Voyager

Your library is responsible for adding its own MFHD record to Voyager for titles it purchases.

This includes both auto-purchases and manual purchases.

Your MFHD should go on the same Bib record as the FLO-EBL or FLO-EBLMLS MFHD.

The MFHD should include the URL to the title on your library's EBL instance. e.g. - This link does NOT need your EZproxy Prefix

If a Bib record doesn't exist you will need to add one manually.

We rely on the existence of your MFHD records to ensure we retain records for your EBL purchases in Voyager in the course of processing EBL record loads.