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Demo Client Installation Instructions

Submitted by kelly on February 5, 2014



Evergreen Community Demo Information

The Demo server is provided by Equinox Software, Inc. for use by the Evergreen Community.

Public Catalog (version 2.5.0)

Documentation (version 2.5.0)


Please refer to Section V, for information on using the Staff Client.

Client Installation

Client installation is a two step process.

  1. Download, and install
  2. Configure, and register

Download and install

The client can be downloaded from:

username: admin
password: demo123

  1. Click on the downloaded Evergreen setup file.
  2. Click Next to begin installation:


  1. Click Next to accept destination folder.


  1. Click Install.


  1. A pop-up should appear indicating that Evergreen has been installed. Click Finish to complete the installation.


When you login to Evergreen from the workstation for the first time, you will be asked to register your workstation.

Registering a Workstation

Before you can connect to Evergreen from your staff client, you will need to configure and register your workstation when you try to login.


  1. Enter the demo server hostname – – in the Hostname box
  2. In the authentication box, add the username: admin, and password: demo123
  1. A red box will then appear around your workstation information on the right side of the screen.


  1. Create a unique workstation name or use the default computer name provided.
  2. Click Register
  3. You will now be able to log into the system.  You may need to re-enter your password.
  4. Some text will scroll across the bottom of the window in about 30 seconds you should see the Evergreen client.