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Client Videos

Submitted by kelly on February 13, 2014


There are a number of informative online videos. These are good introductions to the client functionality but do watch the version number as some of these are getting dated.  Evergreen is currently on version 2.5

General Overview

Welcome to Evergreen 2.5  (Indiana)



Selection Lists (2:48) version 2.0

Create a Purchase Order from a Selection List (1:15) version 2.0

Create a Purchase Order from a Record in the Catalog (1:42) version 2.0

Receiving Items (1:18) version 2.0

Creating an Invoice from a Purchase Order (3:55) version 2.0



Sitka: Catloguing Overview (Evergreen 2.4)

RDA in Sitka

CWMARS: Adding Items to the Evergreen Database (2:57) vers. 2.1  

CWMARS:Adding Items with Multiple Parts (3:32) vers. 2.1

CWMARS:Creating a MARC Record (3:48) vers. 2.1




Sitka: Circulation Overview in Evergreen (Evergreen 2.4)

Checking Out Items (2:20) vers. 2.1

Checking In Items (4:02) vers. 2.1

Managing Checked Out Items (Renewing, Changing Due Dates, and Marking Lost or Claimed Returned) (4:20) vers. 2.1

Bill Payment (3:50) vers. 2.0

Adding a Bill (2:26) vers. 2.0

Offline Circulation (3:21) vers 2.0

Patron Registration (3:17) vers. 2.0

Searching, Retrieving & Editing a Patron Record (2:53) vers. 2.0


Patron Placed Holds (3:48) vers. 2.1

Placing Holds Through the Staff Client (2:23) vers. 2.1

Pulling and Capturing Holds (1:52) vers. 2.1



Sitka: PAC Overview in Evergreen (Evergreen 2.4)



Sitka: Serials Tutorial in Sitka Evergreen (Evergreen 2.4)


System Administration

Sitka: Closed Dates Editor (Evergeen 2.4)